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So i have spent the last couple days at penn state and the only word i can use to describe it is wow. I love it so much and I never want to leave. My apartment is amazing and so are my roommates. I just love everything about it here and I couldnt be much happier. I have already done so many random things with so many random people at the most random times and I love it.

Ive already made a lot of new friends and met a lot of new people. I love getting to know new people and it couldnt be easier here. Ive only been here 4 days and i have more stories than from the entire summer.

I met another really cool girl and Ive spent the last 2 nights with her. However, I really dont think shes my type so I dont know whats going to happen with that. Also, I really like christa a lot. If we lived closer I would definitely be dating her right now but I dont know if i want a long distance thing. It sucks because she is amazing.

Ah, I haven't been this happy for so long and it feels so great.

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I got to see christa today afterall = happy me.

edit: i also watched two episodes of salute your shorts today on youtube. i plan on watching some hey dude soon.

edit: i just talked to christa on the phone for an hour and half about the most random things. it was really awesome to have such a cool conversation. i love it when you can just get lost in conversation and time flies by. I really dont want to leave for penn state now.

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Seriously. School makes me want to kill something. There is an incredible amount of difficult work. Every single professor is crap. Its not like highschool where they baby you. All the Engineers are only teaching because they have to. They only work for the university to do their own research and work and use the college's money. Engineering sucks. I want to be an engineer but there is so much math and sciences. I can do math and i enjoy science but its so much work. They call the 4th semester the semester from hell for engineers and thats what it will be. This one is hard enough, next one will be insane.

As is, I basically already have 4 maths. Statics, Physics, Calc 2, and Matrices.

Next semester im taking Calc 4, Strength and Materials, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics.

I can already picture myself in a straight jacket. Ill have the same teachers i have now too which is what is going to trigger my insanity.

Dear High School Kids

Please stay in High School. I remember when I was you and I couldn't wait for high school to end so i could go to college. Hahahaha what an idiot I was. You guys have it so easy. So much less work, so much less stress. Sure, the first year of college is a joke but then it starts to beat the fucking shit out of you. Unless of course you have some joke major like political science or communications in which the courses are no harder than high school courses. But, if you want to make money, you have to take a major like engineering or medicine...and you cant be lazy like in high school..thats the worst part about college.

Bottom Line is, I wish i could go back to the ease of high school.

Will Smith

wow..i have been pretty busy lately.

on the 19th i went to ozzfest in Camden. It was so great seeing Killswitch and Iron Maiden and all the other bands. It was so hot but they had a firehose spraying the crowd. I swear, that firehose was one of the best things to ever happen to me haha.

Immediately after Ozzfest, i drove down the shore and stayed with meg there for 3 days. Then we drove to their cabin in the mountains for 3 days as well. I had a lot of fun. I love the ocean and the cabin area was beautiful. Plus i got to spend so much time with Meg which is always amazing.

Me and Meg went to Ozzfest on the 26th. It was 1000 times hotter than camden and they had no firehose. I honestly thought i was going to die.

I saw Will Smith in the crowd standing next to us jamming to bury your dead. It was hilarious. Meg went up and hugged him and he called her baby girl. Haha will smith called meg baby girl..thats classic.

Anyway, i don't really feel like writing more. I've done so much this summer even though it doesn't feel like it.

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Im going to Ozzfest tomorrow. I will be seeing Killswitch Engage for the 10th time . I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!

Then im going down the shore for 3 days and then the mountains for 3 days and then

on tuesday im going to another ozzfest and seeing kse for an 11th time! god i hope they play hellfest.